When I became pregnant with my third baby, I immediately called on Dr. Carolin. After two unwanted c-sections following long labors during which I knew my babies weren’t positioned correctly, I was determined to succeed with a VBAC. Dr. Carolin gave me my first adjustment at 4 weeks, and we continued throughout the pregnancy. I couldn’t believe the difference in my body this time. Even with prior prenatal chiropractic, I’d suffered intense sciatic pain, neck pain, stiff joints, and poorly positioned babies. Under Dr. Carolin’s care, my third pregnancy was by far my best, with no sciatic pain, great energy, no swelling, and almost no aches. I also experienced a new sensation – a baby constantly sitting on my bladder! I took that as a good sign, and it was. Two days after her due date, I VBAC’d my baby in my bathtub. It was amazing, and I give substantial credit to my wonderful chiropractor. Not only is she skilled at what she does, she is an incredible person who truly cares about her patients and goes beyond the call of duty to offer support, encouragement, and guidance. I can’t say enough good things about her and everything she does, caring for both spines and hearts.
— S. M.
From helping my constipated infant find immediate relief to fixing my painfully twisted ribs after landing on the edge of the bathtub, Dr. Carolin has patched up our family and helped us to live life healthier. 
— S. H. R.
Dr. Carolin had a breakthrough moment with my 4 year old son. He has sensory issues and found my adjustments to be scary because the table and the clicker make noise and because he’s generally anxious. I gave her my blessing to work her magic and try to make my son comfortable in the office with the hope that someday he’d tolerate her touch. Much sooner than we imagined, my son asked for his turn with Dr. Carolin, and she was ready! When she “played with his spine”, it was a game changer for my family. He was immediately calmer, and while he still doesn’t like any other doctor’s office, he willingly goes for his adjustments and gives Dr. Carolin a hug on his way out the door. I’m continually amazed in the behavioral changes we see in the minutes and the days after my son’s adjustment. Dr. Carolin is uniquely perceptive and gifted, and I’m blessed to know her.
— A. C.
Dr. Carolin is kind, compassionate and really great at what she does. I always feel amazing after an adjustment! She is also knowledgable about homeopathics and always has helpful recommendations for what to take.
— J. S.
Dr. Carolin always gets to the root of the physical issue and helps to heal the whole body with her amazing adjustments. I threw my back out and she took great care of me, I healed quickly in her care! We love our monthly visits, and always feel refreshed afterward. I would highly recommend The Healing Room for your Chiropractic needs!
— K. A.
A couple of weeks ago my 15 month old daughter had a fever of 104.1 and was super sluggish. I contacted Dr. C because she is my everything guru ❤️, she adjusted our daughter and 15 minutes after the adjustment her fever was 99.6. This was all in a matter of about 1 hr and 45 minutes or so. I know that chiropractic is amazing but this experience totally blew me away! We are so blessed to have such a dedicated and caring Dr. C in our lives!!!
— A. P.
Dr. Carolin is the best! She came highly recommended by my son’s frenectomy doctor. We live an hour and a half away...she’s so worth the drive! My baby has never been so happy! Infant chiropractic care sounds scary but Dr. Carolin is so gentle. If you’re looking for natural ways to help your baby, go see her!! She’s got the magic touch :)
— -T.C.P
I credit my successful vbac, in part, to the work Dr. Carolin did for my back (sacrum). She is a pleasure to see and I highly recommend that pregnant women, especially those who’ve had issues in the past, check out Healing Room Chiropractic.
— -A.N.
After my back had gone out further and more painfully than ever in my 52 years, Dr. Carolin worked on me for four adjustments and had me upright, biking and playing volleyball within a week.
— -C.S.
Dr. Carolin is a master at what she does. Whenever I go with my “ailments” or send my daughter, we come out of the office feeling “put back together”! Of course, the main part is Dr. Carolin’s chiropractic skill. Her office environment also is very warm and inviting!
— -C.P.
Felt like a new person after. Thanks so much for squeezing me in last minute, it made all the difference.
— -A.M.